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Coloring pages

Coloring books are definitely not soulless fun, on the contrary, they are an important teaching aid developing the skills, knowledge and abilities of a small child. When coloring pictures, children learn to use art aids (see list above) and improve their fine hand motor skills. They also learn to recognize individual objects and objects and their characteristics. In the same way, children learn to distinguish individual colors. Coloring books (not only for printing) are also used in psychology as a therapeutic tool or diagnostic tool to identify mental disorders and diseases (eg autism).

Coloring book nice flower

The most popular pictures and coloring books to print

Which children's pictures to download and print are the most popular? We honestly went through the online statistics of search coloring pages to print for the year 2022 and we came to the following topics: dog, Monster high, Bee Maya, Mickey mouse, How to train a dragon, Pixel art, Astronaut, Borek the builder, locomotive with wagons, pirates, bat, Batman, Dinosaurus, Cat Garfield, The Simpsons, Dragon, Magic Ladybug and Black Cat, Machine, Angry Birds, Rocket, Tractor, Dragons, Devil, Lion King, Winx Doll, Train, Lightning McQueen, Pat and Mat, Mole, Rumcajs, Aladin , Spongebob, Winnie the Pooh, car, Lion King, Machine Thomas, Barbie, Santa Claus, Lego story, Donald Duck, Piggy Pepa, Fortnite, fox, ship, Finding Nemo, horses, Madagascar, locomotive, princess and prince, Ninjago, cat, Avengers, Firefighters, Asterix and Obelix, My little pony, Snow Maiden, Paw Patrol, Ice Kingdom, Elephant, Mole, Smurfs, Minecraft, Ice Age, Baby, Bugs Bunny, Ratatouille, Harry Potter, Sailboats, Cars, Snowman, Toy Story, Hello Kitty, dogs, Cinderella, Tom and Jerry, Gormiti, Princess Sofia, astronaut, cars, mushrooms, Spiderman, Shrek, Lego Friends. Also popular are Bible coloring pages with Bible motifs for all Christian children. You can find some of these coloring pages in our collection, unfortunately we did not find others (because they are not officially free to download) and we must therefore refer you to our competition.

Fish coloring book

Not only for children but also for adults

Coloring books are generally considered to be purely children's entertainment for the youngest, especially preschoolers. However, this has not been true for a long time. In recent years, so-called anti-stress coloring books for adults have come to the fore. These are designed for adults, even retirees and seniors, to help them manage stress and stressful situations. We are currently working hard to obtain these images so that we can offer them for you to download and print on this site.

Rose - kids coloring book

Published on  June 17th, 2022